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[Welcome to vbIRCd Site -] ( is officially dead)
Welcome to the vbIRCd Site, the home of the Open Source Visual Basic IRC Server.  This site is the Official vbIRCd Site and this is where you'll most likely need to check for status updates and so forth if you're just a End-User. An End-User is a person who just uses the software for whatever and doesn't mess around with the source code.  Now if you're a developer then I recommend checking the vbIRCd Project Site for status updates since those are more related to the source code and not just the ircd it's self. 

This site is the place to download the vbIRCd installer and even the source code if you wish.
NOTICE: vbIRCd is currently for Beta Testing only, it should NOT be used for anything but testing and debugging.
2000 - 2003


[vbIRCd Recent News]
Bug Issue & More - [07/04/2009]
  I thought I would never update this site again, but I felt I needed to
  in order to make it less annoying to navigate since the links at the top
  of the page didn't work in any web browser except Internet Explorer.

  Another problem is that there is a bug in vbIRCd (one of many) that is a show
  stopper for nearly all users who don't reconfigure the I-Line in ircd.conf file:
  If you get this error: "Closing Link: (You are not authorized to connect to this server)"
  Please change the following in the ircd.conf file

  Sad thing is is that I recall running into this bug back around 2004
  when a user reported it to me and I thought I released a bug fix, but
  apparently I failed to do so. So hopefully people running into the
  bug will see this and apply the workaround and not think vbIRCd did
  not work at all from the start.

vbIRCd    R.I.P. - [01/20/2005]
  This project has been inactive for so long and the code
  base hasn't been touched literally in years. Because of
  this I officially declare vbIRCd project dead and deceased.
  I have moved on to a much better programming language and
  learned so much that Visual Basic to me is disgusting in
  everyway that it is implemented and used. The languages
  I prefer over VB are C/C++, Python, PHP, and even Java.

  VB has done nothing but piss me off repeatedly and basically be
  the worst example of a Rapid Development Environment. Therefore,
  I have given up VB for good and will just keep this site online
  for those of you who still prefer to be working in Visual Basic
  instead of using another language that is better suited for IRCd

More excuses - [06/14/2003]
  I bet everyone who reads this site is pretty much saying
  "Just where the hell is the new release?!!" and the answer
  is it is still in development as I type. What caused the HUGE
  setback is my workstation and that is died on me! Well lucky
  I figured out the problem and quickly acted. My video card died
  and I went to and ordered my PNY GeForce 4 Ti 4200 X8
  video card and just a day ago installed the replacement. So I'm going
  to delay the release for two more weeks. The 28th of this month v1.2.0
  of vbIRCd will be ready and released on that day. I just hope my video
  card doesn't crap out on me again. I now know why it's important to keep
  the machine cool instead of around 140 F. :)

Project update - [05/25/2003]
  Alright I've been such a lame lazy developer for way
  over a year! That's right folks I haven't released an
  new version in over a year! So I'm going to make it up
  to you all by releasing a major release that will hit
  version 1.2.0 of vbIRCd. Now this release will in fact
  be a complete redesign and will fix a crap load of bugs
  that we all have noticed with the code for the past year.

  Especially that horrible I:line bug that causes vbIRCd to
  not compare the I:line values to on coming client connections
  like it was suppose to. OK here is what I've been doing for
  the past year. I was going to school, you know college, and
  I hated it so much, plus the fact it ruined all my free time,
  and I never learned anything from it. It was a very horrible
  experience for me. Therefore I dropped out basically and went
  working for Griffin Technology as their Win32 software developer.

  Yes I was developing in VB for a while for like their iTrip
  installer but then I learned and I am now using VC++. I actually
  enjoy programming in VC++. Sure there are times when I just hate
  how some things that are simple are so stupidly done. But over
  all I like it. So I've been working for nearly a year with at
  Griffin(it will be a year this summer) and it is a full time job
  therefore I have almost zero free time except on Mondays, but even
  then I'm sleeping most of the day trying to catch up on sleep.

  Now there you have it, my excuse for why I haven't been around
  why my forum board is still using phpBB 1.4.4. Yeah go ahead and
  lough. :p
  Next scheduled release date is June 14th, 2003. Better late then never! is ours and project resumed - [10/14/2002]
  Long time no see!
  I'm back and ready to do some mad coding! I have even
  went ahead and registered for resuming of
  the development of vbIRCd project with a big bang!

  C-ya next time when I post an update with in two weeks.

vbIRCd1.1.96-Beta2 released - [05/20/2002]
  Hey there to all!
  I have finally released Beta2 of vbIRCd v1.1.96.
  For more detailed news update click here

  Enjoy the update and have a good evening.

vbIRCd Installer of v1.1.96-Beta1 released - [04/07/2002]
  Hey there to all the vbIRCd addicts!
  I have finally got off of my lazy butt and released the installer for
  vbIRCd1.1.96-Beta1. This is a very important release since I've fixed
  the main channel bug of all time that causes nickname syncs to fail
  if anyone changes their nickname while in a channel or channels.

  As always e-mail me or submit a message to the forum if anyone needs my
  help, or just wants to chat about vbIRCd, because you all are always
  welcomed to talk to me about anything related to vbIRCd or VB for that
  matter. Enjoy the update and have a good day.

A day late release! - [03/24/2002]
  Hey, sorry people for releasing this very important update of vbIRCd
  but I've been very stressed out here lately. I've been so stressed
  out I haven't even gotten a beta networking support code developed yet
  and I am sorry for not getting that done yet. =(

  But I did manage to fix a few major bugs which I know you all will like
  since it deals with that awful nickname de-sync problem with channels
  and I know people were very angry about that. So I've fixed that and
  many other issues for you all. Also yesterday was vbIRCd's birthday!
  Woohoo! vbIRCd is NOW a year old and it's cool huh? :)
  Well all enjoy the update and I will keep working on vbIRCd for you all
  and people please start donating money because I'm a college folk and it's
  not easy trying to do this kind of software development and college stuff
  at once.

Donating to the Project is now possible! - [03/16/2002]
  Now you can finally donate to the vbIRCd project via PayPal!
  By clicking on the 'Donate!' link in the menu at the top of the site.

  Also another thing, vbIRCd1.1.96-Destiny[Beta1] with beta networking support code
  will be released on the 23rd of this month because that is vbIRCd's birthday!
  WoW in just a week vbIRCd will be a year old. Isn't that cool? :)

vbIRCd Project has been resumed! - [03/03/2002]
  It's true, the vbIRCd project development has been resumed and currently only during the weekends or
  during the weeks when I don't feel like messing around with PHP. I will be workinng in the following areas:
    1) Bug Fixes in user management and channel management.
    2) Bug Fixes in the user authorization checking when proforming restricted actions.
    3) Finish supporting the existing and left out standard IRC commands.
    4) Add support for some DALnet Bahamut extra features(such as WATCH,SILENCE,DCCALLOW,etc...)
    5) Finally get networking support underway + support UnrealIRCd3.1.2's networking protocol.
    6) Get some work done that's stated in TODO text file to get it cleaned up for once.

  So, I've got my work cut out for me :)
  That's about all for now, I'll keep you all updated as each week goes by.

Typo Correction - [01/18/2002]
  There was a typo on the O:line example of the ircd.conf file and it has confused so
  people, so I've posted some help to fix that confusion at the forum.

  I also have been working on a big project called Go Project and it's keeping me pretty
  busy, so I won't get back to work on vbIRCd until after that project is complete.

Project Update - [12/07/2001]
  Believe it or not, I'm actually submitting a news update report, WoW, is it really me?
  the vbIRCd developer, the TRON guy? Of course it is, even though it is scary to see me
  actually post a news update! :)

  Anyway, I have recently not been working on the vbIRCd project mainly because I've needed
  a break from it and needed something else to think and develop about, so I am currently
  developing an IRC Client for a Gaming Network called KahnCentral(aka Kahn) and I am working
  on a replacement program for Pcon97 which the program will be named Pcon97v2(go figure huh?)
  and the reason why I am doing this is because Kahn has needed a replacement for such a very
  long time, so I've decided to take a long break away from vbIRCd development and work on Pcon97v2

  I have currently gotten the IRC client to fully support mIRC's color codes and either text features
  of IRC, like bold, Underline, and that's about it for text features for IRC. I will
  also have Pcon97v2 have DCC chat and file transfering built-into the program plus even have that games
  launcher control panel just kinda like what the current Pcon97 has. For more information about what
  Kahn and/or Pcon97/Pcon and/or KahnCentral is, visit

  That's all I have to say for now, C-ya! :D

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If you're just submitting a feature suggestion/request then just send me detailed information about your feature suggestion/request/idea.  Then I will reply to you via your return E-mail address when I have the time. Also one thing, thanks for those who wish to submit suggestions and bug reports to me so I can make vbIRCd the most useful Win32 IRCd that it can be.

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