Hey there, welcome to the vbIRCd Project Donation Page where it has information on what you're donated
for and what your donation is going to be used on. Donating is the best way for you to support this
project since it has been heavly developed and worked on almost every day. The other days I have to
either work on my college homework or just be with my family. vbIRCd is an open source IRC Server that I
been working on for about a year now. It's birthday was March 23rd, 2001. I have actually been working on
the IRC Server code for over 4 years now. How can that be since vbIRCd is only a year old you may ask.
Well the thing is, I was first working on a commercial product called IRC Serv, but then I got tired of
working on something that no one could really see how good I am at developing software. So I decided to
make the IRC Server open source and call it vbIRCd.

Now on to how donations will be spent and help me:
1) Help Pay for hardware upgrades to my main machine and network server which you are on right now.
2) Help pay the DSL monthly bill.
3) Greatly incurages me to develop more on to the vbIRCd Project.
4) And other things(like renew my domains for another year).

By donating you can be added to the donators list which will put on the main page soon(optional). Inorder
for me to put you on to the donators list. You must put something in the notes field ,that's on the
send donation page, like this: Name:(Your Name or Nickname) E-mail:(your e-mail address) Comment:(Your comment
about the vbIRCd Project). Yes, all of those are optional to be put into the notes area. So it is up to you. :)
OK, just click on the 'PayPal Donate' button at the bottom there to contiune to proceed to the send donation
page. Donation handling service is provided by PayPal, Inc which I thank for doing so.
--Message by Nathan Martin, the vbIRCd Founder & Developer

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